WiFi Analyzer: issue with Android Pie (9.0)

Hi guys,

Update (2018.10.27):

The new Android 9  (Pie) compatible version has been fully released, just update the app.

(Note: this update affects only devices running Android 9)

Currently there is an issue if you are using Android Pie.

As I mentioned it earlier, to access some network information, on new Android, the app must hold location (GPS) permission, and location service (GPS) must be turned on.
I don’t need your location, and it worked perfectly without location in the last 5 years, but unfortunately Google changed it (more info).

The problem is, that based on my experience, 90% of user reject apps and give negative ratings that need location permission without good reason. And there is no selective permission on Android, that means I have two possible choices:

  • a, ask location permission from everyone, everywhere regardless of the version of OS.
  • b, do not ask location, and it won’t work properly on Android Pie.

As you can see, there is no good choice just bad and worst.

Because Pie just has been released recently and not really popular (yet), temporarily I chose the last one (b).  So sorry from Android Pie users, but currently my app won’t work properly on Android Pie.
But if you were happy with my app earlier, you don’t need to uninstall it, because I will fix it soon (so currently “b” works, but later it will go to “a”)

I don’t have any other choice because Pie will go more popular, so this is a temporary situation, I just try to balance between adapting the new change forced by Google and not hurting so many people.

So if you like my app and

  • you are using Android Pie: you should just wait the fix that will be released soon
  • you are using other versions (like Oreo): it works perfectly before and after the fix, but if you don’t want to give location permission, you can use my classic apps, that never ever will ask location:


Again, so sorry for the inconvenience, this is a bad situation, but it was decided by Google and not by me and I really don’t have chance to solve it painless.